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Why is Inner Child Therapy Important for Personal Evolution?

The mystical connection with the Inner Child is one of the most dynamic therapeutic processes to apply. With the growing changes in our quality of life, the quality of our relationships also change. The quality of our relationships impact our internal state of being and therefore affects the quality of our life.

The benefits of The Inner Child Recovery Program

Each of us have an ideal of what a relationship is or how interactions are supposed to be, based on the internal data bank of feedback we have received from childhood, puberty and young adult years. However, these ideals do not always accurately provide the correct type of dynamics within our relationship with self or others.

Much of the issues facing society today are the expectations placed upon the relationships around us, how the personality's agenda plays out in the type of engagement and exchange that creates dynamics, coupled with immature and outdated concepts and ideals pertaining to relationships. Perfect relationships do not exist, however, in discovering the relationship we have with our self first, this can ultimately take on new ways of parenting the self, and no longer projecting and transferring our unmet childhood needs outwardly upon others.

Re-pattern & HACK your Subconscious, Superconscious and Higher Self

Hypnotherapy is the most superior modality in accessing the deeper regions of the psyche and the Inner Child. It essentially allows for the interruption of neuro patterning and rewiring of the neuro pathways of the brain.

What makes the Inner Child process so powerful is the ability to re-pattern the moments in time that created the wounded or fractured parts of self. This is achieved by applying a new wisdom of self-understanding, that when applied through specific, targeted therapeutic exercises, can integrate those wounded or fractured parts of self back into the field, therefore neutralising many patterns of self destructive behaviours, emotional deregulation and communication issues.


Why Is Inner Child Therapy so Important?

Through the retrieval and integration of the unconscious shadow behaviour, we clear the pathway to authenticity and personal presence. "Heart-mind" coherence is then achieved via the union of the higher self with the inner child.

Inner Child Therapy is not only for those whom have been deeply wounded or who have experienced traumatic childhood or life circumstances, even though, it is one of the best methods of recovery from these experiences, however, it can also repair one's personality. Often our quest for individuality can form identity traits that do not serve our overall wellbeing, relationship dynamics or self acceptance. These personality impediments can show up as unrealistic demands from others and create more loneliness, isolation and dysfunction.

Why Inner Child Therapy?

So why does Inner Child Therapy assist in the evolution of your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing? We continue the unconscious patterns or behaviours from childhood and puberty through to adulthood and these patterns can manifest in dysfunctional ways. Inner Child Therapy addresses the root cause of the dysfunction in a way that other therapies can't.

Below are a few examples:

Addictive Behaviours

Over excessive use of any "thing", substance, behaviour where there is a dependency on its use to modify, supress, dominate, control, avoid, attack, harm, risk, reject any opportunistic possibilities for the greater good in themselves, their relationships, their health, family systems and their overall life sustainability, stability and quality of their life experience is considered an addictive behaviour.

Attachment Issues

Struggling with certain styles of communication, relating and intimacy levels are common. Attachment issues on the other hand can show up as over using boundaries, excessive withdrawal, with-holding communication, emotional bulldozing and avoidance.


When a person has experienced being repeatedly disappointed or even disrespected, by those relationships around childhood and teenage years, it creates a "lack" or deficit. To replace the "lack", is often a strong independence that goes beyond the ability to ask or allow themselves to be contributed to in the way of either resources, relationship exchanges of equanimity, connection, or even material gain. Everything becomes a survival-of-self source rather than the openness of reciprocity and interdependence.

Mental Health Imbalances

Personality and identity issues can be a result of mental imbalances, deep unresolved internal confusion, or abuse and trauma from childhood or puberty years. This can reveal itself as depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation. Other disorders that are created from emotional and mental irregulating are PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, OCD and Schizophrenia.

Control Dramas

We are not always conscious of what tactics or strategies we use to create attention, or control how we draw attention towards us. Gaining awareness into how these control dramas are created and how they affect our professional life as well as social interactions can assist in creating much more healthier ways of utilising energy gains or pursuits.

Inner Child Work

Our Inner Child Recovery Program is unique in its approach as it addresses not just the connection with the Inner Child, but the relevance of the additional areas of the psyche, repairing the fractures or incompleteness in these areas, so as to increase the emotional and spiritual maturity of one's overall personality. It is through this process that enables the union of the intellect with the heart.

Start the process of healing with your Inner Child and make the choice today to do something that your future self will thank you for.

Heal your Inner Child with Inner Child Therapy

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